“The Man Who Believed in Fairytales”

A life encompassed in literary truths, emotional lies, and searing pain. The story of a man who’s inner beast he so frivolously tried to tame. Driven by desires of a fairy tale we all know to well. He sought happily ever after, the elusive illusion he somehow still remained to believed to be true.He loved one, or he tried to but she fell somewhere short of his vision so he ended up loving two. His heart invested in the first but dripping investment dollars on the next in search of an illusion so far fetched. All he wanted was love, protection, and encouragement things you may not believe a man needs. But underneath a mans ego is a seed, one like a child that seeks nurturing and care as well as some tough love here and there. But all and all back to the story so he jumps ship bouces from lady to lady leaving a trail of broken hearts on this devastating search for what he believes should be a bond of pleasantry realizing but not truly accepting that he’s euphoric fantasy may be a bit out of touch with reality. He’s now filled with regret and apology seeking a clear foresight, meditating on a new day seeking love from the first seeking forgiveness from every heart in his wake. Praying for peace and love within himself so that he can genuinely love someone else. He’s a man who believed in fairy tales but he learned in time reality speaks for itself. Loves not perfect, it should be honest but isn’t always and this man came to terms with the error of his ways. 




“Second Thoughts”

Hold Up Wait

What did you expect

He bought you a drink at the bar

After the club

You were looking for some trouble

You knew what was next

I’m just keeping it 1000

You were both in it for sex

It wasn’t meant to be sentimental

It was meant to be simply sensual

A one night stand

A sexual mutual agreement

On a night that wasn’t planned

All you knew was you was going out

Just to turn up with some friends

With no idea that you would meet him

But you did

And now all you can think about is what he did

Pleasured you to your highest peak

That Pinnacle Point that no man has been able to reach

But he got your number and never called

Now you’re wondering to yourself

Was it really worth it at all.


If I could take away the hate,

Penetrate the core itself,

Find the beauty, spread the wealth,

Convince everyone to stop pretending,

And learn to be themselves

Patience……. there’s a reason it’s a virtue,

Because prematurely made decisions are the ones that hurt you.

Everything you want to do it may not be time for you to,

Achieve that particular pillar in life,

The prerequisites come first……Right?

Let’s define “Prerequisite”


–“A thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.”–

So in order to create or make something Manifest.

In a sense we have to pass life’s test, if we want to achieve our next step.

Progress the first stepping stone to success,

Then you make then climb,

And finally there is the precipice.

But in between these steps,

Then the effort you give should be no less,

Now that you’ve taken the proper steps,

Continue to patient…..

The best things in life sometimes….

Are worth the Waiting.

“A Broken Trust”

They say the truth sets you free,

But what happens when it’s your condemnation,

It makes you wonder what’s the point in even taking, 

The time to consider the feelings of others,

You give them your full effort,

Yet it’s still not enough for them.

But the trust has been broken and thrown away before so what makes you think she’ll give you anymore.

After so many attempts,

Why does she stay,

The man she loves has a problem,

His defense mechanism to conflict is to stray,

People call her dumb, tell her he’ll never change,

Got her saying nigga’s ain’t shit, and they’re all the same,

A heart full of pain,

And he knows his role in it

But in an attempt to give her his all,

She so use to the abuse,

That she can’t tell when he’s being honest and trying to end it.


Material Man

He told her she wasn’t built like a dancer so he didn’t want her…

Not knowing her underlying pain in reference to maintaining her frame,

Had her doing things kinda strange in order to gain.

The attention of the guy with the chains, ice, and diamond rings,

I suppose she was Blinded by the Light of these material things.

Naively mistaken for the Finer Things,

But what are the finer things if not Diamonds, Pearls and other flashy things.

But I asked her what feeds your soul,

Her reply ……… What do you mean?

I told her,

A woman is defined by her essence not her presence,

Substance and Intelligence.

So why chase that guy,

Rather allow yourself to be pursued by a King…

Who’ll supply you with everything you need,

Wealth for your Spirit, and an abundance of unfiltered love.

Effortlessly, Wholeheartedly, Amazingly.

So what if you’re not built like a dancer,

God made you just the way you are.

No need to Enhance.

So who will you choose to Guide you to Romance.

The King or The Material Man.


Tell me what is time but a boundary,

Another limit set for us to blindly believe,

Facts we are constrained by its hours,

But how we spend those hours determines how our mind is framed.

Do you believe in the timeless,

Can you set your self free,

Replace reality with a peaceful meditation that frees you of all responsibility…..

At least temporarily,

Long enough to breathe.

To give you a moment away from all the stress,

This is the type of sabbatical I need.

What is time but a boundary,

A prison that really exists in our mind
Where obligations determine how we serve our time
But if you were given the key to escape could you really leave that cell
Travel far away
Explore a new way to inhale
Just to exhale all your worries away
Shed that ironclad schedule
Designed to trap you inside
Question time
Because what is it truly

Nothing more than a subconscious boundary.

A collaboration Piece

#vizionarythepoet & Dee Hawkins

“Mr. Lonely”

Is there ever a time that you wish you could feel numb?

But you couldn’t,

Wish there was just a way to take the pain away but there wasn’t,

Thinking back to a prior you that was full of life,

But now you just feel empty,

Devastated by so many questions in life.

Where do I want to go?
Who am I?
Things that I think about…
All the time.
Why did I deserve this pain?
How come God chose me?
I was full of life!
Now I’m just so empty….
How did I become……
So full of rage.
Never thought I had that,
In me…
I’m tired of feeling,
Praying for healing,

Lord knows what,

I’m willing to do.

To just feel numb again…
Can we just rewind time,
So I can go back to the, Old me
All my loved ones,
Look at me now
Like they don’t even, Know me
So I try to, Put a smile on my face
Even if it’s phoney.
I’m dying on the Inside…
Just call me….

Mr. Lonley.

#vizionarythepoet #collab Co-Writer Jasmine White


We were once referred to as Slaves

But that we can never be

Drenched in a blackness….

Made of Divine Quality

We are now, were then and Forever will be…….

A Master……..Piece

Why …has …. Racially Fueled Violence….

Been resurrected as societies norm

First it was the Indians, then Blacks,

Now they hate you if you’re any type of foreign

Well what about the President he’s not even White, let Social Media tell it he’s Orange.

All be it bold of me.

To say that White Supremacy,

Has tainted the meaning of the Land of the Free.

We were once referred to as Slaves

But that we can never be…….Not Us

Drenched in a blackness….

Made of Divine Quality.

We are now, were then and Forever will be…….

A Master……..Piece

I hope you heard that right,

Master…..piece, no Mona Lisa,

I can’t be monetarily valued…..I’m Priceless…

Supposed that’s why America prefers me Lifeless.

Or Slow to Succeed.

Constantly battling a system,

That wasn’t meant for me,

Wasn’t for Us.

We were once referred to as Slaves

But that can never be……… Us

Drenched in a blackness….

That when brought together can be more than enough.

To erupt, disrupt the corrupt…..

All that are Black & Proud will you please stand up.

We are now, were then and will forever be….

Beautifully, Pricelessly……

A Master…..Piece.

“Dear Queen”

Dear Queen,

I can’t do anything but fabricate my perfect romance around your silhouette. Because I’m not gifted enough to manifest a clear physical vision of a woman I’m not sure I’ve met yet.

I imagine she’d be a Woman of God, a spiritual weapon that never leaves your side. This woman I envision is every bit of why, Men succeed, love grows, and bonds last forever.

Not only does she inspire me to reach inside myself and do better, but take steps everyday to bringing about a dream, that we’d build together. 

Dear, Queen

I’ve become exhausted by failed attempts. 

I’m sure I’ve met you,

Maybe from a distance just a glimpse.

Then again I may have not.

Either way, when we come together time will stop.

And the world would will be ours.

“Never Existed”

Had I never known you exsisted, 

Love may not be so hard for me,

Had I never known you exsisted,

At such a feeble age maybe it wouldn’t have damaged me.

You damaged me,

Whether you realize it or not,

My emotional well-being was obviously your last thought,

I was young….So was my mind,

Far to naive at the time,

To come to the realization,

That this was not what I had imagined,

Invested my all into a fatalistic romance and look what happened.

Had I never known you exsisted,

Maybe my vision of Love wouldn’t be so clouded,

Had I never known you exsisted,

The long list of hearts gone that followed my own may not have been so long.

I was young when I surrendered my heart to you,

Giving you my all only to be used,

Don’t believe the hype it’s a 2 way street,

Men can be hurt too.

Had I never known you exsisted,

Prematurely to the maturity… That I needed,

To be able to conceive,

The Complexity of love as not only something Beautiful and Sweet…….

But now I also know the Nature of the Beast.



Shout out to a black Woman just because…..

She is the melanated embodiment of love…..

Her voice resignates soul, her skin purged from the finest of gold’s, bronzes, and earth tone Brown’s.

What about those…..Thick locks, of waves, curls, and knots.

Eyes of Shades…..

Blue’s, Brown’s, and Gray’s,

The epitome of a woman…..

Like a living artistic Masterpiece,

She’s phenomenal……Simply stunning,

Shout out to a Black Woman just because……

She’s strong enough to love……

A black man, against the world’s tainted view of him,

Her ability to care for her child,

By any means,

Yet I’ve barely scratched the surface,

Of why they deserve the title of Queens.

Their physical is mythical,

So curvacious her presents sensual…..

With a sense of intuition that’s on a level far above.

Shout out to a Black Woman just because…..