Tell me what is time but a boundary,

Another limit set for us to blindly believe,

Facts we are constrained by its hours,

But how we spend those hours determines how our mind is framed.

Do you believe in the timeless,

Can you set your self free,

Replace reality with a peaceful meditation that frees you of all responsibility…..

At least temporarily,

Long enough to breathe.

To give you a moment away from all the stress,

This is the type of sabbatical I need.

What is time but a boundary,

A prison that really exists in our mind
Where obligations determine how we serve our time
But if you were given the key to escape could you really leave that cell
Travel far away
Explore a new way to inhale
Just to exhale all your worries away
Shed that ironclad schedule
Designed to trap you inside
Question time
Because what is it truly

Nothing more than a subconscious boundary.

A collaboration Piece

#vizionarythepoet & Dee Hawkins


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