“The Man Who Believed in Fairytales”

A life encompassed in literary truths, emotional lies, and searing pain. The story of a man who’s inner beast he so frivolously tried to tame. Driven by desires of a fairy tale we all know to well. He sought happily ever after, the elusive illusion he somehow still remained to believed to be true.He loved one, or he tried to but she fell somewhere short of his vision so he ended up loving two. His heart invested in the first but dripping investment dollars on the next in search of an illusion so far fetched. All he wanted was love, protection, and encouragement things you may not believe a man needs. But underneath a mans ego is a seed, one like a child that seeks nurturing and care as well as some tough love here and there. But all and all back to the story so he jumps ship bouces from lady to lady leaving a trail of broken hearts on this devastating search for what he believes should be a bond of pleasantry realizing but not truly accepting that he’s euphoric fantasy may be a bit out of touch with reality. He’s now filled with regret and apology seeking a clear foresight, meditating on a new day seeking love from the first seeking forgiveness from every heart in his wake. Praying for peace and love within himself so that he can genuinely love someone else. He’s a man who believed in fairy tales but he learned in time reality speaks for itself. Loves not perfect, it should be honest but isn’t always and this man came to terms with the error of his ways. 




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