“Marriage Counseling”

Marriage isn’t like Buying a Car or any other Materialistically Valuable Item, Marriage is not a Purchase it’s a Commitment with a Purpose. It’s Give & Take, Up & Down, But the Value of True Love will Never Go Down. It’s a Different version of the same world, That’s meant for Men & Women not Boys & Girls. Where Communication is Key, Love is so Simplistically Complex you fall in and some lose there way on whats the next step, It takes time to plan, Strategize and revise. But if you’re going to make that Commitment do it for the rest of your Life. Men Remain Faithful and Women do the Same. Because remember Marriage is Real Life not a Board Game. Personally I say Pray everyday that the Lord will Lead, Guide, and Direct Your Union in the right way. Til Death do Us Part that’s everyone’s Favorite Part. But Life get bumpy between the Start and Finish, So before the Decision is made Make sure you’re in it to Win It!



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