“Mr. Lonely”

Is there ever a time that you wish you could feel numb?

But you couldn’t,

Wish there was just a way to take the pain away but there wasn’t,

Thinking back to a prior you that was full of life,

But now you just feel empty,

Devastated by so many questions in life.

Where do I want to go?
Who am I?
Things that I think about…
All the time.
Why did I deserve this pain?
How come God chose me?
I was full of life!
Now I’m just so empty….
How did I become……
So full of rage.
Never thought I had that,
In me…
I’m tired of feeling,
Praying for healing,

Lord knows what,

I’m willing to do.

To just feel numb again…
Can we just rewind time,
So I can go back to the, Old me
All my loved ones,
Look at me now
Like they don’t even, Know me
So I try to, Put a smile on my face
Even if it’s phoney.
I’m dying on the Inside…
Just call me….

Mr. Lonley.

#vizionarythepoet #collab Co-Writer Jasmine White


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