“Never Love Again”

If I ever told you I loved you,

It was NEVER a lie,

I may not have been faithful,

But we had a bond you and I.

Your emotional disintegration was my fault,

I made you weary of the word LOVE,

I treated you more precious than Gold

But regardless of my efforts,

My idiotic promiscuity messed all that up,

I know I left you beaten down all broken up,

I know made you feel worthless,

as if your love could NEVER be enough.

Apologies can’t heal what I’ve crushed,

But the truth is I LOVE you.

And only God can see this,

The grass is greener on the other side,

Somebody lied and I was fool enough to believe it.

I ventured out, now I’m taunted by your memories,

Missing the love we shared, each and every activity.

But the good ones go.

You’ve moved on without me.

I’ll probably NEVER LOVE AGAIN,

But it’s harvest season and I already planted the seed.

Never Love, Never Love, Never Love Again



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