“Stress Relief”

Baby oil, check………Black light, check…….Soundtrack, you know we can’t forget that. Marvin, Luther, Pleasure, Kelly and Keith pure passionate classics that can’t be beat. Atmosphere Baby…… let’s set the mood lights down black light on… you know what I’m getting to, straight to the point tell me your secrets. Your body a monument so with this baby oil I polish it. Tantalizing your being with my fingertip’s I acknowledge every curve. You begin to whisper these words, I’m yours followed by I want more. Now things get real your panties hit the floor, but wait not yet roll hit the play button now we’re all set. Down between your thighs I’m craving a sip. You draped in lace from head to hips, panties to the side slight pressure applied, I hope you’re down for the ride. Massage your back while we grind, kisses down your back just to make you wind. Change position OK, I’m here for your pleasure, I am your stress reliever and for you I’ll hold the world at bay. So tonight the universe is made of us. Just you and I releasing the rush of lust until we erupt. Now wrapped in each other’s arms as the night grips us.



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