Material Man

He told her she wasn’t built like a dancer so he didn’t want her…

Not knowing her underlying pain in reference to maintaining her frame,

Had her doing things kinda strange in order to gain.

The attention of the guy with the chains, ice, and diamond rings,

I suppose she was Blinded by the Light of these material things.

Naively mistaken for the Finer Things,

But what are the finer things if not Diamonds, Pearls and other flashy things.

But I asked her what feeds your soul,

Her reply ……… What do you mean?

I told her,

A woman is defined by her essence not her presence,

Substance and Intelligence.

So why chase that guy,

Rather allow yourself to be pursued by a King…

Who’ll supply you with everything you need,

Wealth for your Spirit, and an abundance of unfiltered love.

Effortlessly, Wholeheartedly, Amazingly.

So what if you’re not built like a dancer,

God made you just the way you are.

No need to Enhance.

So who will you choose to Guide you to Romance.

The King or The Material Man.


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