“A Broken Trust”

They say the truth sets you free,

But what happens when it’s your condemnation,

It makes you wonder what’s the point in even taking, 

The time to consider the feelings of others,

You give them your full effort,

Yet it’s still not enough for them.

But the trust has been broken and thrown away before so what makes you think she’ll give you anymore.

After so many attempts,

Why does she stay,

The man she loves has a problem,

His defense mechanism to conflict is to stray,

People call her dumb, tell her he’ll never change,

Got her saying nigga’s ain’t shit, and they’re all the same,

A heart full of pain,

And he knows his role in it

But in an attempt to give her his all,

She so use to the abuse,

That she can’t tell when he’s being honest and trying to end it.



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