If I could take away the hate,

Penetrate the core itself,

Find the beauty, spread the wealth,

Convince everyone to stop pretending,

And learn to be themselves

Patience……. there’s a reason it’s a virtue,

Because prematurely made decisions are the ones that hurt you.

Everything you want to do it may not be time for you to,

Achieve that particular pillar in life,

The prerequisites come first……Right?

Let’s define “Prerequisite”


–“A thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.”–

So in order to create or make something Manifest.

In a sense we have to pass life’s test, if we want to achieve our next step.

Progress the first stepping stone to success,

Then you make then climb,

And finally there is the precipice.

But in between these steps,

Then the effort you give should be no less,

Now that you’ve taken the proper steps,

Continue to patient…..

The best things in life sometimes….

Are worth the Waiting.


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