Meet the Writer

Hello, I go by the Name of Vizionary the Poet or simply Vizion. I took an interest in writing at a young age, without realizing how vital a row it would play in my life. My journey as a poet began when my father was deployed to Iran around the time I was 10 years old, and was a school assignment about our view of the war. That’s when I or my mother rather took notice to my love for writing. Moving forward I’ve continued to write in various mediums over the years but Poetry has proven over time to be my true Passion.

Written Vizions is the embodiment of that Passion and my Desire to share it with the World. Poetry has been my outlet through numerous dark times in my life allowing me to express myself without limitation. Throughout my Writing you will find and experience different tones, realities, and real life references that I hope you all can relate to.

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